1 July 2020

Update for the Subbies Rugby Community





A new Public Health Order was issued last night affecting Subbies Rugby with immediate effect.


  • Each club must develop and comply with a COVID-19 Safety Plan. (You should have already done this, but may now need amending.)
    • Click the link for the government approved COVID-19 safety checklist
    • Keep a copy of the Safety Plan and make it available for inspection by an authorised officer as requested.
    • Good resources for you at the NSW Office of Sport


  • Limits for training and match days is now 500 people. This includes EVERYONE – players, coaches, managers, medical, committee, volunteers and spectators.
  • Full contact training and matches are allowed.
  • All training equipment is allowed.


  • We are advised that clubs are not required to collect people’s contact details – particularly if they are entering your canteen or clubhouse solely for the purpose of collecting food or drink to consume outside. CHECK WITH YOUR COUNCIL.
  • Clubs are still required, as previously advised, to get ALL MEMBERS of your club to register themselves via the Fusesport Rugby App – Players, Coaches, Managers, Physios, Canteen workers, Committee, Volunteers, etc



1. We recommend change rooms, where possible, not be used for pre or post-match team gatherings or team talks

2. All teams should have as part of their team kit a supply of disinfectant wipes.

3. The sharing of water bottles is prohibited. Players are to provide their own clearly marked water bottles so that it is easily identifiable to all.

4. We recommend dirty jerseys not be shared between players. Ensure adequate clean jerseys for each starting lineup and eight reserves/team.

5. Don’t leave playing equipment and team apparel lying around. Clean it. Store it.

6. Your physios should be across this, but physio tables, medical areas are to be thoroughly cleaned between “patients”.

7. At the conclusion of the match, teams must vacate the playing area and remove any equipment, apparel and used tape from the area.


Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or problems.

Tim Richards

0405 321 763




13 June Update for the Subbies Rugby Community:

Plenty of good news for Subbies Rugby this week:

Good News #1

Full contact Rugby can resume from 1 July, so clubs should continue to plan for a 7 round competition starting 18 July (25 July for Div 1).

Further government information regarding training protocols, crowds at venues etc will be announced soon.

Good News #2

Subbies Clubs can increase training groups to 20 people as of Sat 13 June.

Note, all other social distancing and hygiene requirements remain in force.

Good News #3

A Community Sport Recovery Package has been announced.

A one-off grant of up to $1,000 will be provided to local sporting clubs across the State to assist clubs for when sport resumes on 1 July.

Further information regarding eligibility requirements will be updated in the coming weeks. Clubs are not required to do anything at this stage.

2020 Competition

2020 dates are:


Divs 2 - 6

Div 1


Rd 1



Rd 2

Rd 1


Rd 3

Rd 2


Rd 4

Rd 3


Rd 5

Rd 4


Wet Weather Week

Rd 5


Rd 6

Wet Weather Week


Rd 7

Rd 6


SF (1 v 4 & 2 v 3)

Rd 7



SF (1 v 4 & 2 v 3)





Subbies Rugby encourages all clubs to now start ramping up preparations for Season 2020. Particularly get Saturday sessions underway and start looking at trials in early July.

Footys & Strapping Tape

Please see order forms for FOOTBALLS and STRAPPING TAPE


15 May Update for the Subbies Rugby Community:

Return to Non-Contact Training

From Friday 15 May, Subbies clubs can start non-contact training in groups of up to 10 people.

There are a number of restrictions, rules and recommendations that go with this, so PLEASE READ CAREFULLY:


  • Any person showing signs and symptoms of COVID-19 must not attend training and must seek medical advice. This MUST be communicated forcefully to your players.
  • Get in, train, get out - Training is not a social occasion
    • Players must be prepared for training prior to arrival so as to minimize the need to use change rooms, bathrooms
    • Ideally, changerooms are to stay closed. Players are not to congregate indoors at any time
    • Players are to bring their own water bottles
    • Players are to register as normal via the Fusesport Rugby App
    • Players are to download the COVIDSafe App
  • Clean your training equipment and facilities. Hand sanitizer to be readily available pre, post and during training
  • Make sure your council/ground owner knows you will be commencing training
  • Club officials to familiarize themselves with the protocols for a player testing positive for COVID-19



  • Training must be in groups of no more than 10 people, including coaches. Those 10 people must have adequate spacing, maintaining a distance of 1.5m while training where possible.
  • Training is non-contact - No tackling of players, no rucks, mauls, scrums or lineouts. Accidental contact will inevitably occur but there is to be no deliberate body contact drills
  • Emphasis to be on fitness and skill drills using a ball, kicking and passing. No touch football or Oztag.
  • Clubs can have multiple groups of 10 training at once but they must be entirely distinct and separate, properly spaced apart and the groups are not to interact or mingle with each other before, during and after training
  • Footballs and tackle BAGS (not hit shields) are allowed, but must not be shared between groups. (e.g. do not set up a tackle bag station which each group takes turns at.)



  • Players to go home ASAP and shower
  • No socializing or group meals
  • Clubs to clean equipment



  • The government has announced a three step progression towards relaxing restrictions
  • The NSW government has not given an exact timeline of this progression, other than Step 1 starts this Friday
  • We’ll advise the time and details of Step 2 ASAP. Step 3 is full contact, with matches allowed.
  • Subbies is still aiming at a pre-season, followed by a competition starting mid-July with 7 rounds and finals


  • The quickest way to kill off our chances of getting a comp going this year is to ignore the above
  • PLEASE get your Covid-19 procedures in place and encourage your players back to training



17 April Update for the Subbies Rugby Community:

Rugby in Australia - matches, training and face-to-face education courses – remain postponed.

Recent online divisional meetings with Subbies clubs outlined a possible resumption scenario envisaging a late July start – noting the very strong proviso that any start date is NOT in our control, it is still important that Subbies clubs remain as ready as possible to gear up for rugby as soon as government restrictions are lifted.

Subbies Clubs are encouraged to promote fitness and rugby learning to their players, coaches and committee members, whilst always adhering to the government health guidelines.

Note that insurance coverage continues for club committee members, public liability, and players (e.g. if they injure themselves at home doing an online rugby activity.) RA is in talks with the insurer re the 2020 premium, which we would expect to be adjusted for a shorter season.

Finally, just a quick note on the strength of our Union - Suburban Rugby’s financial reserves are substantial and entirely separate and independent from both Rugby Australia and NSW Rugby. We remain strong - financially and administratively - and so Subbies is willing and able to get started as soon as we are allowed.

We remain available to help clubs with enquiries or problems. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


3 April Update for the Subbies Rugby Community:

Rugby authorities throughout Australia have made the collective decision to further postpone Community Rugby until at least 1 June.

All Rugby activity including matches, training and face-to-face education courses will not be conducted during this period.

Given the uncertainty surrounding the length of time Government restrictions will be in place, Rugby Australia and NSW Rugby are not in a position to provide a specific return date. They will continue to review this position as further updates from Government and Health Authorities are received. 

It is important that Subbies clubs remain as ready as possible to gear up for Rugby as soon as Government restrictions are lifted. Of course, preparation and training time will be factored in ahead of Rugby competitions recommencing.

The Board thanks the Subbies community for its understanding and patience through this time and we encourage everyone to continue to follow Government and health advice.

Subbies remains available to help clubs with enquiries or problems. Do not hesitate to contact us:


27 March Update for the Subbies Rugby Community:

The Rugby season remains postponed until the first week of May, with that date under review.

This includes all Rugby games and training and gym sessions, as well as face-to-face accreditation courses.

Please keep engaged as best you can with your players and members. If your club needs assistance or advice please let me know ASAP.

New developments will be communicated to you ASAP. Please don’t add to community concerns by spreading rumours or what-ifs.

Further information on public gatherings can be found here

Guidelines for what to do if there are suspected cases within your club and how best to communicate this can be accessed here.


Rugby Australia wants to ensure coaches are well prepared once the rugby season returns. Over the coming weeks all accredited coaches will be invited to join an online forum to keep up to date with all things coaching and to access useful resources.

The Game Management Guidelines are now available in three mediums: video, PDFs and PowerPoints

Also, a quick reminder that Smart Rugby accreditation expires on April 1. We would also encourage anyone who’s interested in coaching to complete the free online course. Please click here for further details.

Other coaching resources can be found here

Note that the Subbies Match Official Recruitment Policy, whereby clubs were required to qualify referees and assistant referees, has been suspended for 2020.


20 March Update for the Subbies Rugby Community:

The Rugby season remains postponed until the first week of May.

This includes all Rugby games and training sessions across all age groups and formats as well as face-to-face coaching and match official courses.

We are working on a ‘Return to Play’ checklist for clubs, coaches and players so when the season recommences you’ll be ready.


In the absence of face-to-face courses, there are 350 educational videos for coaches across all age groups and formats which can be viewed here.

The videos are free and a fantastic tool to help plan for the season ahead.

A reminder that Smart Rugby accreditation expires on 1 April, so please ensure you’re up to date. The online course takes just a short time to complete and the steps are outlined here.

Safety and welfare

For suspected and/or confirmed cases of Covid-19 within your club the advice is to follow the directions of Government and Health officials.

Information for clubs and players should there be a suspected/confirmed case at your club is available here.


16 March Update for the Subbies Rugby Community:

Subbies Rugby has been postponed until the first week of May 2020. 

Please see below statements from Rugby Australia and NSW Rugby, and note these key points:

  • This is a postponement of training, trial matches and competitions until the first week of May, not a cancellation of the season
  • The re-commencement date remains under review
  • There will be a "training & trials" block built in ahead of the competition starting
  • Please keep engaged as best you can with your players and members
  • If your club needs assistance or advice please let Suburban Rugby know ASAP
  • The Subbies Board and staff are in close communication - internally and with NSW Rugby and RA
  • New developments will be communicated to clubs ASAP. Please don’t add to community concerns by spreading rumours or what-ifs.



Today, following a meeting of the National Development Panel, Rugby Australia along with the State and Territory Member Unions have unanimously agreed to postpone all Community Rugby until the first week of May, effective immediately.

This recommendation covers Rugby matches, Rugby training and face-to-face Rugby education courses. Although this decision has not been made lightly, it has been made with the interests of the participants, families and the broader community as the priority.

In arriving at this decision, Rugby Australia and the Member Unions have considered public health information and the advice of the Rugby Australia Chief Medical Officer, Dr Warren McDonald. The group acknowledges that this decision is a more conservative approach then has currently been recommended by the Australian, State and Territory Governments. However, it has been made to provide clarity to the Rugby community in a challenging and disruptive time.

Rugby Australia and the Member Unions are fully committed to supporting the game through this difficult time and the decision will allow for six weeks of planning to deliver a modified season which will commence, at this stage, at the beginning of May.  The modified season will vary at a local level to best support the needs of our local Rugby communities.

It is acknowledged that there are a variety of Rugby competitions underway and Rugby Australia will work closely with Member Unions to minimise this disruption.

It is not the intention for this decision to interfere with the non-rugby related activities of our Rugby clubs, such as operation of licensed facilities. Government advice should continue to be followed in this regard. Rugby Australia and Member Unions will also work to increase the opportunity for people to engage in online education to ensure our critical workforces are ready for the recommencement of Community Rugby.

The National Development Panel will meet weekly for the foreseeable future and will review this position and communicate any updates regularly.



Community rugby in New South Wales postponed 

Effective Monday 16 March, community rugby across New South Wales will be postponed until the first week of May 2020. 
In consultation with NSW Rugby Union affiliates including Premiership, Suburban, Juniors, Women’s, Country and NSW Rugby organised School events, the decision to postpone covers Rugby matches and Rugby training. NSW Rugby Union face-to-face Rugby education courses will also be postponed. 
The decision to postpone the competition was based on the NSW Health, public health information as well as the advice of the Rugby Australia Chief Medical Officer, Dr Warren McDonald.  
NSW Rugby Union formed part of the National Development Panel meeting today held with other State and Territories member unions, to agree to nationally postpone community rugby until May, with the panel to meet weekly to review the impacts of COVID-19 on community rugby as well as strategies to recommence the competition at appropriate time. 
NSW Rugby Union CEO Paul Doorn said: “The rapidly changing impact of COVID-19 is something that all community sports are grappling with.
For NSW Rugby, the health and safety of our players, Clubs, officials, staff, volunteers and spectators is at the forefront of all decision making. 

“These are difficult decisions and we certainly appreciate our community have invested a lot of time and resources into preparing our Clubs and players for the season ahead, however we feel that it is important that we play our part in reducing the spread of COVID-19 out of respect for all Australians and the health care system,” he said. 

NSW Rugby is in regular communication with its Clubs and stakeholders, reinforcing NSW Health advice of practicing good hygiene and social distancing - click here for more.

It is not the intention for this decision to interfere with the non-rugby related activities of our Rugby clubs. Government advice should continue to be followed in this regard. 
“As has been a testament during recent tough times around droughts and bushfires, our rugby community bands together in times of need to support each other.  We know together we will get through this and we look forward to welcoming everyone back to community rugby in the future,” said Mr Doorn. 
For further rugby updates please stay tuned to NSW Rugby website www.nsw.rugby or on social media @NSWWaratahs. 
For further updates on COVID-19 and what you can you need to know, please check NSW Health website


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