Integrity Committee Procedures


Amateur Status

The Board shall from time to time determine and fix player eligibility conditions, policies and rules, which shall be defined as those conditions relating to Amateur Status.

Integrity Committee

The Board shall appoint each year an independent committee known as the Integrity Committee whose role it is to report and adjudicate on matters concerning breaches of Amateur Status.

Integrity Officer

The Board shall appoint each year an Integrity Officer, who will be Chairman of the Integrity Committee.

Conduct of Investigations/Hearings

The Integrity Committee may at any time investigate (formally or informally) any matter relating to Amateur Status.

A Club or any other person is required to fully cooperate with the Integrity Committee in the course of an investigation and/or hearing.

The Integrity Committee is permitted to conduct an investigation in such manner as it thinks fit and may obtain information as it thinks fit, including but not limited to requiring a Club or any other person to produce any documents relevant to matters under investigation (whether in their possession, custody or control), or to answer any questions asked by the Integrity Committee.

No Club or person is to provide false or misleading information during the course of an investigation and/or hearing.

A failure to comply with the above Rules may constitute conduct contrary to the rules relating to Amateur Status and the Integrity Committee and/or Board may impose any penalty as it sees fit.

Hearings before the Integrity Committee are to be heard by no less than two (2) members of the Committee.

Acting in concert with the Integrity Committee, the Executive Director shall send a written notice to the Club or any person(s) setting out the following:

  1. The details of the Integrity Committee hearing;
  2. The alleged breach of the conditions of Amateur Status (if applicable);
  3. The consequences that may arise if the club and/or individual fails to appear at the hearing;
  4. The consequences that may arise if it is found that a breach has occurred.


In conducting a hearing the Integrity Committee:

(a) must determine the matter without bias;

(b) must give the Club or persons appearing before the hearing a fair hearing and otherwise observe the rules of procedural fairness;

(c) is not bound by rules of evidence;

(d) may inform itself of any matter it sees fit;

(e) shall determine the procedure of the hearing; and

(f) is to conduct the hearing with as little formality and technicality as possible, having regard to these rules and the matters before the Integrity Committee.


A Club or any persons appearing before the Integrity Committee may be legally represented.

The Integrity Committee will provide reasons for its decision.

The Integrity Committee shall be permitted to adjourn the hearing of any matter from time to time and deal as it deems fit with any player or club found by the Committee to have given false or misleading evidence to it thereto or any player or club failing without reasonable excuse to attend at any hearing of the Integrity Committee.

Nothing in these Rules precludes the ability of the Board to refer a matter directly to the Integrity Committee for investigation and adjudication.

Decisions and Appeals Process

Decisions of the Integrity Committee, other than those relating to the suspension or expulsion of a club, will take immediate effect and shall without delay be reported to the club or individual affected.

Any club or individual penalised or adversely affected by a decision of the Integrity Committee shall be entitled to appeal to the Union’s Board.

Any appeals must be made in writing and lodged with the appropriate appeal fee as determined by the Board with the Executive Director within seven days of the original decision. 

Pending the rehearing of the case all decisions appealed against remain operative.

Decisions of the Integrity Committee in relation to the suspension or expulsion of a club will take the form of a recommendation to the Board. Once an Integrity Committee recommendation relating to the suspension or expulsion of a club is ratified, or otherwise, by the Board, the Board’s decision shall without delay be reported to the club affected.

Any club suspended or expelled shall be entitled to appeal to a special general meeting of the Union under Article 10.9(c) of the Union’s constitution.


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